Category: Reviews

Voivod – The Wake

Voivod – The Wake

8/10 Reviewing bands that you do not have much of a relation to is somewhat of a divided affair. In a way, it’s a bit...

Therapy? - Cleave

Therapy? – Cleave

6/10 In the mid 90’s alternative rock was about the hottest thing you could perform, and Therapy?s hit album Troublegum (1994) remains one of the...

The Unity - Rise

The Unity – Rise

7/10 With Kai Hansen touring the world with Helloween, a new Gamma Ray-album seems quite distant. In his absence, guitar player Henjo Richter and drummer...

Satan - Cruel Magic

Satan – Cruel Magic

7/10 Satan – an absolutely legendary band in the underground and one of the foremost bearers of the NWOBHM banner from the 80’s until today....

Treat - Tunguska

Treat – Tunguska

6/10 Third album by this band since it´s reunion. My first feeling was that those three albums are heavier than the records they did before...

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