Every project have to be multiplied with Pi

– I have an option on you.
It was Niklas Bäck, my good friend and also the sales manager on Universal Records here in Sweden.
– Oh no you don’t, I replied.
– The sales on “Finally Nerved” had to have been terrible, I continued.
– Wasn’t that bad, he said.
– Well the production sucked anyway. I did a poor job…too bad since some of the songs were quite good.
– I wouldn’t know. I don’t listen to that kind of music. But I still want you to do another album.
– Why?
– Otherwise we won’t meet for a steak and few bottles of wine. It’s that simple, he said.
– Alright, (who can say no to that?) but it will probably take me a couple of years.

Six years later I understand that our former drummer, Björn “Stoffe” Lundgren was right. Every project have to be multiplied with Pi. You know, 3,14 etc. At least as it comes to the time you will need, just as well as comes to budget. 2 x 3,14 = 6,28 years, yes that’s correct. That is exactly what it has taken us to go from first song to master.

Finally Nerved

Since “Finally Nerved” all members except me has changed. The vocalist has gone from male to female and another guitarist (a one that actually knows what he is doing) has been added. What a journey it has been. And even though it sometimes has been challenging to keep motivation up and the Nerved locomotive running – it has been a joyride all the way through.

Marcus Hanser

Marcus Hanser


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