New single and lyrics video from NERVED: Freedom

New single and lyrics video from NERVED: Freedom

Freedom is the title on the new single from the Swedish alternative metal band NERVED. It is taken from their coming album ‘Leave It All Behind’. Stargazed Magazine readers get an exclusive pre-launch look on their terminal style lyrics video. Just click the link below and enjoy.


As usual with NERVED the song is a mixture of many genres and by that the amazing singer Petra Kvännå performs a real show off, from the blues tones to high-pitch long notes. And all of them done with an amazing raw energy.

I sing in a quite “black” way, but the songs are not that “black” at all, says Petra Kvännå.
I just love screaming at people so for me this album is a real dream come-true.

NERVED was formed 1999 and have made two albums so far. Their third, ‘Leave It All Behind’ is due to be released in June this year.

Krister Lindholm
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