Tormentor Bestial – From The Past To The Future – new music video

Tormentor Bestial – From The Past To The Future – new music video

From The Past To The Future is the first video from Tormentor Bestial with its new formation, reunited a little more than a year and that brings us a new version for the music “From The Past To The Future”.

A song that shows a clear influence of eighties heavy metal, mixed with more modern influences, with a very interesting result.

Produzed and directed by Cloudye H. Atonye (WCA Viper Filmes do Brasil), it has scenes captured on “Dona Bier”, a know rock bar in Taubaté, cozy place and with a london pub style, that, with Eliana Camargo has been receiving space to bands of the region.

Filmed on Nov-26, 2017, the show, also counted with the partnership of Eduardo Prado, brewer and owner of Fermentador de Ideias e and of the well know “Fuca Beer”, responsible for the creation and manufactureing of “Tormentor Bestial – The Old Skull Beer”, redish/ambar color, english style Bitter Alea, the band’s official beer.

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    Tks a lot for your support.
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    Tormentor Bestial
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