Stargazed Magazine welcome our new chronicler Stefan Bjornshog

Back in 1982 a band called Destiny started up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since then Destiny have been active and if we believe the bands founder and bassplayer Stefan Bjornshog it’s the longest active career of any swedish Heavy Metal band. Stefan who turns 58 this summer played the first gig with Destiny 1983. “Beyond All Sense” was the name of the first album which was released 1985. To this point Destiny have released seven albums including a new version of the album “Beyond All Sense” who came out 2005.

Stefan listened to a lot of music in the 70’s and the band who caught his interest for hardrock/metal was a canadian band called Bachman Turner Overdrive. And another canadian band who made a great impact on Stefan is Rush and right now Rush and Kansas are the favourite bands. Geddy Lee from Rush is the best bassplayer ever in Stefans opinion and Stargazed Magazine are proud to present Stefan Bjornshog as our new chronicler.

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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