Brainstorm is a very well-known German metalband among the fans of melodic Heavy/Power Metal with the great singer, Andy Frank (Almanac, ex. Symphorce) with high vocal range.

Their new albums starts with “Devil’s Eye” a headbanger with big chorus, a great opener that gives me really high hopes. It sets the course for the rest of the album that contains many great songs in traditional Brainstorm-style. Most of the songs are really good and there are few fillers here. This is an album for the fans of melodic metal!

Three songs stands out in a different way:
“Jeanne Boulet (1764)” is a dramatic epic with an ever bigger chorus then the rest of the songs and is one of the highlights of this album. “Hunting Voices” is a little more progressive track. The semi-ballad “The Path” is the perfect way to end this album, another great track!

Well it sounds like Brainstorm just like it always does but this time there is better songwriting overall that we have got from them in many years. It is too early to say but this might be their best album since “Soul Temptation” (2003).
This album will bring back some old fans and definitely attract some new ones.

My next move is to order this CD!

Band: Brainstorm
Title: Midnight Ghost
Label: AFM-records
Date of release: 28/9 – 2018
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Devil’s EyeJeanne Boulet (1764)