Bullet – Dust to Gold


It’s been four years in waiting, but Bullet is now finally back for another bite at the bullet with their sixth album of their twelve year career since they bursted into the european heavy metal scene with their iconic debut Heading for the Top in 2006. Their timeless mix between AC/DC, Accept and Judas Priest is still intact and this new album sounds 100% Bullet, and since I guess no one expected something else the big question is wether or not the songs on Dust to Gold hold up to the bands earlier material. Well, of course it does.

This is not the album that will make the band break to a bigger audience, but it’s not the album to let their fans down either. It’s a classic Bullet-album with some great tunes that will fit like gloves into the bands always as wounderful live shows in the future to come. The pace is set with the opening Speed and Attack, a fast and energic song that promises true heavy metal for the whole album experience. The band then takes us through future live-favourites such as Aint Enough, Rogue Soldier and Highway Love, all the way down to the magnificient closing track Dust to Gold, one of the bands best songs to date.

There are no surprises on this album, but no songs are weak either. In a way I can miss the developments the band tried to do around the time of underrated Full Pull (2012), an album that tried some different elements to the bands sound. Since that album was poorly recieved the band has purely made pure heavy metal, and their AC/DC-touch has been slightly decreased. Still, the strength of Dust to Gold lies in its most long lasting element: the songs. And even though it soundwise may not stand out that much in the bands discography, it might grow to be one of the bands more memorable albums when the songs has really sunk in and been heard live. I give the album 6/10 today, but it wouldn’t surprise me too much if the album would grow on me the following years.

Overall Dust to Gold is a classic Bullet-album and I guess that very few fans will be disapointed by it. I know that the album definately will find its way into my record collection and I really look forward to hear the songs live. So thank you Bullet, it’s always a pleasure to hear you!

Band: Bullet
Title: Dust to Gold
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Date of release: 20/4-18
Time: 40,04
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Dust to Gold

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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