Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher

Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher


Faluns finest has been Sabaton for a whole lot of years now. When Follow the Cipher release their first album we can here influences from Sabaton and they even make a cover of the song “Carolus Rex” which in my opinion is better than the original. What is he talking about now you may wonder but it’s simple as that when it comes to “Carolus Rex” that I’m not very excited of the song that Sabaton put on record back in 2012. What about the rest of the album? I can say directly that Sabaton is Faluns finest but Follow the Cipher is not bad at all. They still have some miles to walk to compete with the big boys though.

If we take it from the beginning the titletrack along with “Valkyria” is not the opener that caught my interest. It’s track number four “Winterfall” that makes me feel that I’m really a part of this album. When we come to songs like “Titan’s Call”, “The Rising” and “I Revive” the influences from Sabaton and Pain are very clear and there’s also some vibes from bands like Nightwish and Rexoria most because of the fact that Follow the Cipher are fronted by a female.

To sum it up the band are very competent but they are not reaching out to me on a full album. They’re finding some good lyrics here and some great choruses there but in the end it’s not the music I like. But I would love to see this live because I think the music will grow when the band hit the stage.

Band: Follow The Cipher
Title: Follow The Cipher
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 11/5-18
Playing time: 45,20
Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: The Rising


Johan Hagberg
Authored by: Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer