Hardcore Superstar – invited Jönköping to party

Hardcore Superstar – invited Jönköping to party


Tonight, it’s a full house at Denim & Leather and it would be strange otherwise. Not many bands can be as good as the Hardcore Superstar, turning a Friday night into a party. The scene is filled with red light and illuminates a drum set that appears to be a size too big for the small space, while the audience begins to fill up the floor. It’s a mixed style of the people, sleaze rockers and more traditional metalheads, just like Hardcore’s music. This is a band that never has been afraid to blend stiles info a perfect cocktail. If you for some reason managed to miss this Swedish band from Gothenburg, I can tell you that this is what we in Swedish call “röjrock”. Put this on at the next party and I guarantee you a fun evening.

It’s melodic, sleazy, energetic with influence from trash. The voice Jocke deliver is ruff and loud. No delicate harmonies, only plain rock. This is not a band that starts softly … it’s full speed from start and Jocke does not save his energy. His habit of bouncing around like a crazy but completely irresistible star makes even the audience jump.

With all respect for large festival stages, it´s often at the clubs where you experience the best rock gigs. It’s hot, sweaty and damn tight. Not only because there are a lot of people who have the opportunity to stand 20 cm from the band, but also because Hardcore always delivers a great gig and a total audience contact.

The light is good, and it has even been room for some extra smoke effects on Denim tonight. The sound is also as good as you can ask for in a place like this. New songs are mixed with older, now classic, party songs that starts up anyone who have some life and joy in their blood. Unfortunately, the classic Hardcore bar did not fit tonight, but “Last call for alcohol” demands fans on stage, drinking with the band. So even tonight.

There are writers who would like to select the best and worst songs of the night, etc. For me, the review of a live gig are about a holistic impression. To convey a sense of whether the band is worth seeing or not. If they deliver what we in the audience may require.

The impressions of the evening can be summed up with the words “a great party gig”. When “Above the Law” finishes the evening, the scene begins to be brought down and the drums are distributed to the audience …. A typical jesting from Hardcore Superstar. A band that always invites the audience to a great evening.

Audience: Ca 300

Set lenght: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Rate: 7/10


Elise Pavicic
Authored by: Elise Pavicic