Judas Priest – FirePower

Judas Priest – FirePower


CWOBHM (Classic wave of British Heavy Metal) Could it be more classic than a new Priest album? They teased us with a prerelease of the title track so we knew what was coming. Their 18th studio album is here. This is the 4th album since Rob Halford returned to the band.  All songs are written by Glen Tipton, Rob Halford And Richie Faulkner. They deliver metal.

When I heard Judas for the first time it was the release of “Defender…” I got blown away. That’s still my favorite album by Judas. I think that alum has it all.

Back to the new album. The opening track ”Firepower” gives us just what we want. Rob Screaming from his lunges and guitars that slice through the air. Continuing with “Lightning strikes” they don’t let us down. It’s just what we want to hear. “Flame Thrower” just sounds Judas Priest. After listening to the record a few time I got one song stuck in my head. “Never the heroes”. The first time I heard it didn’t appeal to me. But the more I listen to it, the more I like it. So give the record a few runs and listen to all songs. They grow.

The one thing I miss on the album is that Rob Halford sings most of the songs with his lower range. That is comfortable for him. His high range is missing. He use it a few times but I wish he used it a bit more. That what’s make him so unique.

The record includes 14 songs and not all of them is of the same quality. The ballad that ends the record feels like an album filler.

Band: Judas Priest
Title: Firepower
Label: Epic
Date of release: 9/3-18
Time: 58,20
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Lightning strikes

Jens Wärme

Jens Wärme


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