Kamelot – The Shadow Theory


12 albums now by this band. When I hear their name I always think to myself that they are a new band. Anyway, “The Shadow Theory” is their brand new album. I have listened to the album in my headphones and it’s hard to find words to say about this album.

I can’t place them in any category. Is it Metal? Trash? Powermetal? So i decided that they just play really good music. The producer of the album is Sascha Paeth, he also co-write most songs. The record is perfectly produced. He is a real master behind the knobs. The music is so well written. There is a thought behind every note.

They have a new drummer in the band, Johan Nunez. He’s a good drummer. Brings a little more energy into the songs I think. I have to say something about the singer Tommy Karevik. In my ears he’s got one of the best voices in music business. It’s smooth, powerful and full of energy. It’s perfection.

The songs on this album is strong. Maybe not hits but I don’t think they write songs to be number one in the charts. I strongly recommend this album to everyone.

Kamelot - The Shadow Theory

Band: Kamelot
Title: The Shadow Theory
Label: Napalm
Date of release: 6/4 2018
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Amnesiac

Jens Wärme

Jens Wärme


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