Shinedown – Attention Attention


What to do when you have done all your melodies and lyrics and then have to make another album? You do more of everything you’ve already done. More guitars, more harmonies, more arrangements. More is more, as a certain Swedish guitarist put it. By that the title of this album is spot on.

Shinedown wants attention but has absolutely nothing to say that they haven’t said before. The world is going down the drain, nobody sees it and the loved ones are all playing double. Shinedown carries the wide-legged American rock tradition with an honour I would love to love this album, but I don’t. Even though the melodies, arrangements, performance and production are above 99% of albums being done, it is also done with no sense or sensibility. Gigantic toms-effects are mixed with telephone voices, sliced-up vocals, grunge harmonies and walls of PRS guitars.

It is just like an American road diner. You’ll get more on your plate than you thought was possible – a bit too much of the same of what you had the last time. And a bit greasier.

Marcus Hanser

Marcus Hanser


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