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Primal Fear - Apocalypse

Primal Fear – Apocalypse

6/10 Primal Fear offers no surprises and no disapointments. They provide the good old classic german heavy/power metal through a good production and great vocal...

Halestorm - Vicious

Halestorm – Vicious

7/10 Halestorm have recently released their fourth studio album, Vicious. I haven’t listened a lot to the band but I’ve enjoyed most of their albums...

Tarja - Act II

Tarja – Act II

5/10 When I first took part of the stream to this record I almost fainted, it was 20 songs on the album and it’s almost...

Tokyo Blade - Unbroken

Tokyo Blade – Unbroken

4/10 Tokyo Blade – a classic band in the b league of NWOBHM that have endured their life in the shadow of the genre greats,...

Tad Morose - Chapter X

Tad Morose – Chapter X

7/10 Something that seems to bother a lot of listeners today is long albums or at least albums with too many tracks. Firepower (Judas Priest)...

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