Transport League - A Million Volt Scream

Transport League to release new album in September

Transport League are set to launch their new album “A Million Volt Scream” through Mighty Music on September 6th. “A Million Volt Scream” will be released in CD, vinyl LP and digital. The album is available to pre-order.

Sacred Reich - Awakening

Sacred Reich awakens, new album to be released in August

Legendary thrash metallers Sacred Reich have announced the release date for their highly anticipated new album “Awakening”. The band’s first new music in twenty-three years will drop on August 23rd via Metal Blade Records. The official music video for the title track is now available to watch.

Between a rock and a hard place

At the upcoming Sabaton Open Air my band NERVED is supposed to be playing after doom legends Candlemass and just before Sweden’s currently biggest metal act Sabaton? How the F did we end up in that slot? Honestly, I don’t know.

Pallbearer - Atlantis

Pallbearer joins Nuclear Blast – new song released!

allbearer, the revered purveyors of doom infused progressive rock/metal, have expanded their relationship with leading metal label Nuclear Blast Records. The label will be the worldwide home for the band’s highly anticipated fourth full-length album. In timing with the signing announcement, Pallbearer have released a new single, “Atlantis”, as part of Sub Pop Records’ recently revived “Sub Pop Singles Club”.

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky

Alter Bridge to release sixth studio album, “Walk The Sky”

For over 15 years, Alter Bridge has been a band known for blurring the line between hard rock and heavy metal. Building upon the sound that has won the band worldwide critical acclaim and a devoted global fan base, the band returns with their sixth studio album, “Walk The Sky”. The album is scheduled for worldwide release on October 18th via Napalm Records.

The Diary of Jane – Chapter 8: Everything is connected

With ATSC, btw – the fun thing is, that I first met the entire band at a signing session in Germany – and the lovely singer was the one I got to first. I had my own pen with me (of course, always be prepared!!)(and it was actually needed). And out of the blue, even though we had never met before – she said “we should take you on tour with us” – and well….the year after they actually did.

Status Quo - Backbone

Status Quo to release new album

On 6 September 2019, Status Quo will release “Backbone” through earMUSIC/Edel; the band’s 33rd studio album. The band are also confirmed to perform at the huge BBC Radio 2 “Festival In A Day” show in Hyde Park on Sunday 15th September 2019.

Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

The aggressive parts sure blast away from time to time but even if they often consist of a cacophony of different things going on at the same time, they sound strangely blank and when Enthroned actually makes something different, like in the beginning of ”Silent Redemption” it mostly sound like watered down and quite awful ”Pop Metal” to me.