Dukes Of The Orient - Freaskshow

Dukes of the Orient – Freaksow

I was never a big fan of Saxophone in rock music, more often than not I think it ruins the songs. However, there is one exception and that is John Helliwell from Supertramp. I really like his style and thankfully, as there is a lot of sax on this record, Eric Tewalt’s playing seams to by influenced by him.

Haken – Virus

Huge concepts? Check. Thought provoking lyrics? Check. Good, melodic hooks? Yep. Incredible musicianships? You betcha. Lots of weird timesignatures and plenty of widdly bits? Well, slap my ass and call me Shirley if that isn´t ripe for an good ol´ boxticking as well.

Deep Purple – Wooosh!

I think that this and the two previous albums produced by Ezrin are the bands best albums since the MK II breakup in the seventies and at this moment “Whooosh!” is probably the best of them