Stargazed Magazine Chart week 15

It’s time to present the new Stargazed Magazine Chart and I must take the opportunity to once again explain that

New Music

Primal Fear release new 5-track single

German metal commando Primal Fear have released their new 5-track single “I Will Be Gone”. The title-track, features Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish), on vocals.
New Music

Dennis DeYoung to release final studio album

Former Styx founding member Dennis DeYoung is back with the second volume of his fond farewell to recorded music. “26 East, Vol. 2.” will be released on June 11th. DeYoung has now released the first single and video from the album, “Isle Of Misanthrope”.
New Music

Terra Odium announce debut album

Progressive metallers Terra Odium will release their debut album, “Ne Plus Ultra” on June 11th. The band have now released their new single and video, “The Clouded Morning”.

Motorjesus – Hellbreaker

What is going through the album is the dirt, shitty (in a positive way) sounding guitars that in most cases want you to take the album into a fast car and just flatten your foot on the gas pedal blasting the album away at 11
New Music

Cirith Ungol reveals details on upcoming EP

Cirith Ungol will release their new EP, “Half Past Human”, on May 28th via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview, the new single, “Brutish Manchild”, is now available.

The Quill – Earthrise

Maybe the grade should be a bit higher, but I have come to expect a bit from this group and even if I try my hardest to review albums as stand alone without taking consideration to a bands history that is impossible sometimes.

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