There are some firm favorites on the album, but my absolute pick of the bunch is “Distance”. Emotional, you can almost feel the hurt in the vocals. You almost get a lump in your throat listening to it.

The Seven Keepers reviewing Helloween – Helloween: Mattias Eronn

To me “Helloween” sounds more like the typical generic Heavy Metal-album of the 21st century, somewhat safe and soulless rather than the innovative metal that once won my heart and therefore, the glorious return of Kiske and Hansen sadly falls a bit flat.

Imminence announce EU tour 2022

After the release of the acclaimed new single ‘Temptation’, Imminence will take the bigger stage, announcing 19 shows across Europe, at


Interloper – Search Party

This was one hell of a knockout of a record. I like it a lot, but you do have to be in a certain mood to cope with this steamroller. Its like going up in the boxing ring totally unprepared of what to come.

The Seven Keepers reviewing Helloween – Helloween: Daniel Reichberg

Also crucial are the emotions which this piece gives me. Euphoria, sadness, amazement. When the celestial final minutes ring out, ushered by strings and choirs, one thing is for certain: "Skyfall" challenges "The Dark Ride" as this scribe's all-time Helloween #1 song.
New Music

Mammoth WVH releases live performance video

Wolfgang Van Halen’s solo band, Mammoth WVH, released their debut album on June 11th, 2021 via EX1 Records. The band just released a live video of the current Top 15 Rock single “Don't Back Down”.
New Music

Gus G. presents video for ”Fierce”

Guitar shredder and string virtuoso Gus G. released his new single “Fierce“ this week. To round this up, Gus teamed up with filmaker Panagiotis Kountouras to produce a videoclip that offers a very special love story with corpsepaint included