Monthly Archive: May 2018

Ghost - Prequelle

Ghost – Prequelle

7/10 The fact that the world around Ghost has been quiet turbulent lately has probably not eluded anyone with an interest in hard rock, or...

Lordi - Sexorcism

Lordi – Sexorcism

7/10 It seems like it was a hundred years ago when Lordi turned upside down on the Eurovision Song Contest. The song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”...

Graveyard - Peace

Graveyard – Peace

6/10 Graveyard, Gothenburgs retro rock band nr 1, release their fifth fullength album. They have released a couple of very critically aclaimed albums, and have...

Punk Rock by Blood Command

6/10 Park Sounds are a one day music festival in Huskvarna Folkets Park, Sweden. This year 8 bands performed during the night with The Hives...

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