Next year I will turn 50 and it has been quite exciting 49 years so far. This sunday I will go on the Sabaton cruise and meet lots of good friends. I will also playing some music as I will DJ two slots on the cruise. This I’ve never done before but it will be lots of fun and I hope to see many people in the Sea Bar. I will DJ as an editor for Stargazed Magazine so if it’s anybody out there who wants to ask questions about the magazine or just wanna talk about metal music you are extremely welcome. The first slot is at 19:00 on sunday.

When it comes to my listening to music I’m pretty stubborn. First of all I’m listening to albums in its entirety and I also love charts of any kind. My thought was to make the definitive chart of Johan Hagbergs 666 favourite metal albums of all time and maybe someday I will be there. Right now I’m not though. But I’m a man who wants to make projects around my music listening and if I can’t give you my favourite 666 albums at the moment I can give you 666 albums that have meant something to me over the years. It could be my first album that I bought, an album that contains a trio of totally magnificent songs in a sequence, an album that I bought in some strange place or just a fantastic metal album.

My plan is to take album for album and explain why that particulary album meant something to me over the years. I will start with the first album I heard. The date was the 24th of july 1983 and as always I was spending my summers at my grandmothers place. I had a friend back then named Stefan and when I step into his room the first that hits me was the posters on his wall. Four guys in make-up and this was the first time I came close to the band Kiss. It was exciting to see those posters and I borrowed a tape later that day and when I came home to my grandmothers house I put it in the tape recorder and the rest is history. Right there I was stuck in the magic world that Kiss created.

The music on the tape were “Kiss Alive” and I remember that two songs became my favourites right after the first listening. “Rock And Roll All Nite” was one of them and the other one was “Firehouse”. For me “Kiss Alive” is the record that made me go the hard rock and heavy metal way through life. If it wasn’t for Stefan I probably have discovered Kiss anyway but he was definitely one of the persons that changed my life forever. This was the first album in this serie of chronicles that you can read here on Stargazed Magazine. Next week I will tell you a little story of another album.