It’s time again for a journey back in time, a time that I remember with joy because I found a new band that now is my all time favourite band. I never listened to Rush in the 70’s and believe it or not they were flying under my radar even in the 80’s. And in the early 90’s it wasn’t interesting for me listen to Rush. In the mid 90’s I had my own record store in a litte swedish town named Ludvika and in september 1996 Rush released the album “Test For Echo”. I ordered a few copies and I thought to myself why not giving this band a decent chance. They got their chance and they took it big time, I was totally blown away already in the intro for the title track that also opens the album.

I remember thinking why didn’t I ever listen to this band before? It was definitely my kind of music and from that day I had a deep respect for Geddy Lees voice. If you ask me today I have all the albums with Rush and I got the opportunity to see the band live four times and it was fantastic every time. If we go back to the album “Test For Echo” there is something special with the guitar riff in “Driven” and I also like the sound and style of the entire album. This is a keyboard/guitar inspired album that not really fit in in the world of hard rock and metal 1996, but I’m completely sure that Geddy, Alex and Neil don’t care very much if they fit in or not. They did the best album they could come up with at the time and it’s a real blast.