Author: Anton Stenlund

Quireboys – Amazing Disgrace

If you’re looking for old school rock music with a bar room piano, whiskey voice, a rock guitar and swinging rhythms, Quireboys will always give you a bit of what you fancy.

In Flames – I, the Mask

So if you are a fan of albums from the mid 00’s, this album might just be something for you! The sound reminds me of the fan favourite “Reroute to Remain” (2002), which is way more positive than what I’ve heard of the earlier 10’s material.

Rock Goddess – This Time

But of course, there are thousands of straightforward heavy metal albums like this released every year, so for “This Time” to stick out of the crowd, the songs really have to deliver something extra. And do they? Well, not really

Evergrey – The Atlantic

It’s all good an all, but I can somewhat miss the melodies that are a piece of the bands classic sound. There are a little too many dark riffs and too few powerful melodies here.

Venom – Storm the Gates

6/10 Black metal veterans Venom hasn’t made a critically acclaimed album since… 1984, I reckon. But they...

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