Author: Anton Stenlund

Dan Reed Network - Origins

Dan Reed Network – Origins

6/10 As a music-loving teenager, I quickly fell in love with Dan Reed Network, an underground jewel only remembered by few and whose funky rhythms...

Nordic Union - Second Coming

Nordic Union – Second Coming

6/10 The second album by Nordic Union, a melodic rock-project centered around Pretty Maids-singer Ronnie Atkins and Eclipse- and W.E.T.-guitarist Erik Mårtensson kind of sounds...

Amaranthe - Helix

Amaranthe – Helix

3/10 Symphonic, gothic metal is sort of an acquired taste, and I really quite like it. But there’s a limit to how much radio-oriented this...

Soulfly - Ritual

Soulfly – Ritual

6/10 When Sepultura released the highly succesful Roots in 1996, the transformation from brutal thrash metal to brutal nu metal shocked many fans, and made...

Axxis - Monster Hero

Axxis – Monster Hero

7/10 Axxis is one of those bands that just makes you happy. Their mixture of melodic rock and power metal has for the last 30...

Steve Perry - Traces

Steve Perry – Traces

9/10 When Steve Perry returns to the studio for the first time since his departure from Journey more than 20 years ago, it’s with a...

Dynazty - Firesign

Dynazty – Firesign

6/10 Unlike many others, I wasn’t all that captivated by Dynaztys breakthrough album Sultans of Sin back in 2012. It was a decent hair metal...

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