Author: Anton Stenlund

Body Count – Carnivore

They also manage to shake off a more emotional side with the strong When I’m Gone, featuring Evanescences Amy Lee on background vocals. Even the obligatory cover tune, a cool interpretation of Motörheads indestructable Ace Of Spades, is a song they against all odds manage to pull off and that works surprisingly well with rap vocals.

Gotthard – #13

This album may not be a blockbuster, there has been many Gotthard albums like it before and there probably will be more. But hell, it is obvious that these guys still know their craft and know it well.

Harem Scarem – Change The World

I enjoy it all the way, but can’t really find any new classics to shake my foundations. It’s just all right, basic nice rock music without any big flaws. Which of course isn’t bad at all, really, just not that extraordinary.

Burning Witches – Dance With The Devil

Burning Witches new album Dance With The Devil provides a non stop tour de force of classic but still modern sounding heavy metal. There is a hell of a lot of Saxon on this album, among with some Judas Priest, Manowar and Tygers of Tan Pang.

Delain – Apocalypse & Chill

So after all, I really do like this album! But at the same time, I can still miss those walks through the woods with hobbits and elves that the symphonic metal scene used to give me.

Archon Angel – Fallen

Fallen passes through and sounds good and decent, but then it fades away and I can’t remember that much about it at all. After four spins, there are no songs I can hum along to and few titles I recognize when I take a look at the song list. I think that says quite a lot.

Anvil – Legal At Last

The riffs are crisp and forceful, the refrains are catchy, the sound is heavy… everything works great! If I were to pick on one thing it would perhaps be that no songs are really massive. They are all “really good”, which of course isn’t bad either, but it keeps me from giving a higher point.

Lordi – Killection (A Fictional Compilation Album)

To make it even more entertaining, the concept of a greatest hits album puts each song in certain time period and musical orientation, like the 80’s AOR tune Like The Bee To The Honey, with synthezisers and saxophone and everything, or disco inferno Zombimbo, which I Was Made For Loving You similarities I think Gene Simmons easily could sue them for.

Rage – Wings Of Rage

I can’t say this for sure, but I have a feeling that the absence of long time member Victor Smolski plays a part in all this. Since his departure in 2015, the idea of Rage as an experimental act has gone down the drain and Peavy Wagner seems to only be interested in making classic metal.

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