Author: Edgar Allan Zan

Vandenberg – 2020

I’m not complaining since there certainly is a market for this type of old school Sunset Boulevard car-radio hard rock, but absolutely no one is reinventing any wheel here

Havok – V

A Havok album is now to thrash like a Bob Marley album is to reggae; it abides to the rules of the genre, because if it didn’t it wouldn’t be the genre anymore.

Danzig – Sings Elvis

His voice also sounds great, especially considering that he’s 64 years old and singing a collection of songs in which the majority was sung by Elvis in his early twenties.

Eat The Day – The Demos

The music could probably best be described as a sort of “early Tool meets late Pink Floyd” combination, with lots of clean delay guitar passages and heavy riffing with custom guitars on expensive amps.

Joe Satriani – Shapeshifting

If you like instrumental rock and/or top-of-the-line guitar playing, then this record is a no-brainer. Even though he might not work as a guitar teacher anymore, Satch is clearly still schooling us.

Testament – Titans of Creation

However, of all the classic metal bands of the 80’s, it’s not really a stretch to say that Testament is one of the bands that have aged the best.

Myrkur – Folkesange

Myrkur is and exceptional multi-instrumentalist and rocks a diverse array of strange traditional instruments throughout the album. But the star of the show is her vocals, which are insanely beautiful and genuine.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Blue Lightning

Of course none of his new songs are even close to being as impressive as a song like ‘Black Star’ was in the 80’s, but it’s a comfort to know that after all these years and regardless what you think of him, Yngwie Malmesteen unapologetically still bring the thunder with guitar skills most people could only dream of.

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