Author: Jane Cedenberger

Apocalyptica – Cell-0

And it’s simply amazing how much the music speaks if we take the time to truly listen with all senses, and how much variety there is on this album, the soft whispers and the raw screams.

Insomnium – Heart Like a Grave

The ten songs are beautifully composed and delivered with so much emotion and precision, so much Fingerspitzengefühl, that it’s almost overwhelming. It’s like floating into calm and serenity, but with a raw and brutal twist. It’s about… balance.

Visions Of Atlantis - Wanderers

Visions Of Atlantis – Wanderers

There is so much beauty in the singing shared by Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli as they lead us through the eleven tracks, especially in the very emotional third song, ”Nothing Lasts Forever”.

Aviana – Epicenter

And when the hardest part of reviewing an album is trying to pick out the tracks that really stand out and not really wanting to stop listening, that is when you know it’s pure fucking special.

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