Author: Jens Wärme

Fortune – II

But otherwise, this is a full-fledged sequel that will be played extensively by everyone who likes AOR, maybe somebody else too. It is a strength to be able to write such songs according to me.

Tora Tora – Bastards of Beale

I once saw a review on a concert where the journalist only wrote the letter z, like the whole concert was so bad you could sleep through it. This album is not good. It feels that it’s been written with no feeling, cheap and boring. Unfortunately.



7/10 TNT is back with their 13th album and two of the original members is in the...

Judas Priest - FirePower

Judas Priest – FirePower

Judas Priest – FirePower 7/10 CWOBHM (Classic wave of British Heavy Metal) Could it be more classic...

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