Author: Jocke Gröhn

Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: U.D.O.

In classic -80’s metal style we get the individual solo parts and first up is Dee Dammers who delivers a acoustic solo which seamlessly goes in to “In The Darkness”, where Udo stands alone and almost pleads to the thinning crowd: “..please dont leave me alone.. In the darkness!” and it is such a beutiful moment that i almost run down front row to scream out my love for him.

Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: GAUPA

The singer, Emma Näslund, is more like a force of nature than a vocalist and moves with ease between high pitch parts which makes it feel like she was born in the forests that surrounds us and low dark tones who makes the songs almost feel a bit unearthly.

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