Author: Jocke Lindberg


For me who really is no fan of metalcore this was/is a nice experience and also a reminder to myself to not be so comfortable in just going for same old, same old.


The starting tracks after the little intro IX sets a good pace. “What the dead men say” and “Catastrophist” gives a flying start to the action. After that we go a bit up and down in tempo, but we don´t lose quality.


“Cannibal” that is the standout track out of the four has lovely melodies all throughout the song. The overpowering field of keyboard in the chorus feels like it is taken straight out of the soundtrack from “Top gun”. It resembles a film score. I can not identify the origin, but “Top Gun” is what I think when hearing it.

Earth Rot – Black Tides Of Obscurity

I get the already stated reference of Entombed, but in the middle of the song I think: Extreme!! Should not be, but that is what i hear. And then it just turns and you go on a straight ride to the darkest abyss of hell.

Shakra – Mad World

In my opinion, this kind of music tends to get very boring very fast. Not in this case. Production has managed to keep a good level on letting the right parts of the band take more room when needed.

Demons & Wizards – III

Everything about this album is a few levels above what they have produced previous. There is purpose in the delivery of the songs, Hansi Kürsch singing with a higher level of commitment than I have heard him do for a while. John Schaffer´s arrangement for songs and the aura surrounding the same are blistering throughout the album.

Bonded – Rest in Violence

When looking for references to describe this album you (apart from the obvious Sodom) must include Exodus for riffs and aggression. It is a German thrash band, so Kreator & Destruction are in there to.

Mystic Prophecy – Metal Division

The highlight of the album for me is “Here Comes the Winter”. This song is so much Iron Maiden without being Iron Maiden. Especially the intro, but the melodies and chorus as well. Even Roberto Dimitri Liapakis singing is so resembling to Dickinson that I had to check for featuring artist.

Raised Fist – Anthems

Points for the quality and influences from other genres on this album. Also points for the undying wish I must jump up and down where I stand. Going into quality, these songs are well worked over. Introductions, verses, choruses, bridges; it´s all thought through and delivered well packaged.

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