Author: Kristoffer Pettersson

Hellbound – Overlords

Hellbound are no beginners on the metal scene, having released a bunch of albums between them in various other constellations like “Moloken”, “Hate Ammo”, “Scumkill”, “Ghamorean” and “Live Elephant” to name a few.

Stone Temple Pilots – Perdida

Old fans might think this is slow and dull, but the truth is, Stone Temple Pilots deserve to be heard, and not just a fast playthrough. They deserve to be listened to, because this is a good album!

Prins Svart – Inte här för att stanna

The ballads on this album are quite tasty with “En eftermiddagsdröm” being a nice slow blues rock that evolves into some awesome heavy hardrocking with great guitar and nice vocals reminding me of 80s Whitesnake.

A.C.T. – Rebirth

They have created their own sound and DNA which you can hear on all of their albums. They have a great sense of melody and harmonisation similar to big bands like Queen, Saga and Sparks, a pop feel like Jellyfish and the metal progressiveness of bands like Dream Theater.

Dream Theater – Distance Over Time

Will it please the fans expecting a new “Images and Words”-album or will it please the fans hoping to listen to a new “Black Clouds and Silver Linings”? The easy answer is – None of them and both of them.

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