Author: Marcus Hanser

P.O.D. - Circles

P.O.D. – Circles

3/10 “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” This classic phrase on Per Gessle’s guitar picks should be have painted on the studio wall when...

Aldo Nova – 2.0

1/10 In the early eighties Margaret Thatcher turned the U.K. upside down and got every Brittish rocker upset, as she closed coal mines that hadn’t...

Disturbed - Evolution

Disturbed – Evolution

5/10 Disturbed have made another album. Actually, the review could end right here. There is not much more to the story. No really bad tracks...

Smash Into Pieces - Evolver

Smash Into Pieces – Evolver

-2/10 Smash Into Pieces mix “raw rock sound with electro twangs”, according to the press release. With their new album “Evolver”, Dino Medanhodzic & Co...

I love You. Revisited. Why?

The recently released single I Love You, featuring Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), is also called ”revisited”, as you might have noticed. Why? Well, those of...

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