Martin Nygren

Ardarith cover 3

Ardarith – Home

Arena Cover

Arena – The Theory of Molecular Inheritance

Chaos Frame

Chaos Frame – Entropy

Den vackraste lilla killen

Random splurges of wordlike nonsense?

GOK Cover

Gathering of Kings – Enigmatic

TFK By Royal Decree Cover

The Flower Kings – By Royal Decree

Star One 3 cover

Star One – Revel in Time

Jonas Lindberg Pathfinder Cover 2

Forgotten Jewels: Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side – Pathfinder


Lalu – Paint The Sky

Nocean - The Weight Of A Shadow

The Stargazed Magazine crew list their top albums 2021: Martin Nygren

The Sonic Overlords Cover

The Sonic Overlords – Last Days of Babylon

dream-theater-a-view-from-top-of-the-world COVER

Dream Theater – A View From The Top of The World


Jakob Samuel – PastPresentFuture

Helloween - Helloween

The Seven Keepers reviewing Helloween – Helloween: Martin Nygren

Sonic Desolution

Sonic Desolution – Explorer

Transatlantic - Absolute Universe

Transatlantic – The Absolute Universe