Author: Mattias Eronn

Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

The aggressive parts sure blast away from time to time but even if they often consist of a cacophony of different things going on at the same time, they sound strangely blank and when Enthroned actually makes something different, like in the beginning of ”Silent Redemption” it mostly sound like watered down and quite awful ”Pop Metal” to me.

Murg – Strävan

Contributing to the Scandinavian feel is the harsh, well produced lo-fi production that matches the nature of the music perfectly, although it craves a good stereo, or preferably listening through headphones, to be made justice.

Grand Magus – Wolf God

Natural the expectations on their ninth album, ”Wolf God” is set pretty God damn high and this is absolutely one of my most awaited albums coming out this year. The question is, does Grand Magus of 2019 manage to take the high stand once again or will they crumble in the blood soaked mud?To be honest, it starts of a bit weak…

Usurper – Lords of the Permafrost

I guess that the music comes at firsthand now and the drug rituals has taken a step back, but does that mean that the once so tuff Americans have gone soft? Not at all, is the answer. Usurper still delivers their unique brand of though, fist in the air, death/black/thrash-metal and I dare to say that they do a better job than ever!

Overkill – The Wings of War

Although it could have started of better, since the first song, “Last Man Standing”, begins with one of the most boring, ”tecno”-sounding, intros I have heard. If it wouldn’t have been for the fact that I was supposed to review the album I’d stop listening then and there and since the song, when it gets going, both presents killer riffing and some serious sing along choruses, it would have been a real pity!

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