Author: Niklas Svensson

FM – Synchronized

Anyways, if you’re looking for some high quality melodic rock/AOR from 2020, look no further. This album will fulfill most of your urges

Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne

So, is this change good or bad? I’ll say that’s left for the ears of the beholder. The sound is still very primal and the mix of heavy metal and black metal is rather intact.

Wishbone Ash – Coat of Arms

“It’s Only You I See” stands out as something close to when Wishbone Ash was at their best – great riffing, wonderful guitar parts with a slightly folkish touch to them and Powells characteristic vocals on top making it the pride of the album. Unfortunately the remaining parts blend together in a rather pale mishmash without definition.

Party San Open Air 2019

Party San is a nice and decently sized festival with a nice angle towards the more brutal parts of metal, with a couple of surprises here and there. The drinks are good, the people are nice and the atmosphere great. Three festival days pass by so quickly and you always want it to last for just one more night.

Idle Hands – Mana

Imagine a (very) young band turning up from no-where (or rather Portland, Oregon) and actually doing something unique, something new. Now imagine that this band was also bestowed with the gift of great song writing and a finely-tuned sense of melodies. Sounds like a dream? Well, IDLE HANDS is that band!

Rotting Christ – The Heretics

“The Heretics” picks up where “Ritual” (2016) ended and to be honest not much has changed. Rotting Christ deserves all respect and are both resilient and competent as a band, but this album doesn’t break any new ground or consist of any top notch composing.

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