Author: Patrik Nilsson

Supralunar – Ghosts

8/10 Supralunar is a trio who are based in the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm. The members of this trio are Petri Tuulik on lead Vocals...

S.K.o.R - Rebus Tellus

S.K.o.R – Rebus Tellus

8/10 S.K.o.R is a quartet that has its origin in Stockholm. S.K.o.R stands for ”Some Kind of Rubus”. Rubus is latin and stands for a...

Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen

Kadavar – Live in Copenhagen

8/10 Here the Berlin based Doom/Stoner/Retrorock trio release another live album, featuring their infamous show at Pumpehuset in Denmark’s capitol in November 2017. The recording...

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