Author: Proppen

Horisont – Sudden Death

When it comes to trying new ideas, Horisont very much succeded where Witchcraft failed with “Black Metal”.

Vader – Solitude In Madness

For me, Vader is very much like pizza. I’m rarely not in the mood for it, it’s always quite tasty and even when it’s a bad one, it’s still pretty good. However, it can rarely compete with a lobster or a steak.

Naglfar – Cerecloth

It’s very clear that Kristoffer Olivius and his band of brothers know exactly what they’re doing. This really is how the pros do it.

Witchcraft – Black Metal

I really like especially the first three Witchcraft records, so please consider “Black Metal” a one time failed experiment and go back to the old school doom rock instead. That’s what you do best.

Svartkonst – Black Waves

The hype surrounding Svartkonst will definitely not cool down after this release and I wouldn’t be surprised if this bad boy gets some nominations for awards, if the right people get to hear this.

Ambush – Infidel

We have everything from double kick drum to impressive guitar harmonies and Ambush really prove once again that they are one of the very best bands at what they do.

Wolf – Feeding The Machine

The album contains a whole lot of mean riffs, good musicianship, solid vocals alongside quite a few really banging songs. But as I mentioned, “Feeding The Machine” also contains some fillers that bring down the album as a whole.

Kvelertak – Splid

Musically, you can tell right away with the opening track “Rogaland” that Kvelertak have not changed their recipe for success. It’s still that amazingly diverse mix of both rock, metal and punk all molded into a delicious mix.

Midnight – Rebirth By Blasphemy

When it comes to the songs, it’s actually really hard to pick a favourite since “Rebirth By Blasphemy” is jam packed with killer tracks.

Doojiman & The Exploders – Electric Boogaloo

When I heard the opening song “Out Of My Mind”, my imidiate feeling was that it sounded a bit more melodic than their previous stuff. Besides the presence of more prominent melodies, it also sounded a little more relaxed.

Mindless Sinner – Poltergeist

A special mention must also be made regarding singer Christer Göransson. This man sounds exactly the same as he did 35 years ago and really should be considered one of the best singers in Sweden.

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