Author: Stefan Björnshög

One last Hurrah, or maybe two?!

Apparently there are a bunch of Budgie songs that Burke recorded vocals for before his aortic aneurysm that he says that he would like to use for one final Budgie album. Burke says that he will call it “One last Hurrah”.

Future Elephants? – Humans Passing Through

This is hardly a metal album but if it was released in the seventies it would most definitely be labeled hard rock. I really liked their debut and this, their second album, is even better. It’s quite different but without losing their sound and style.

To the Seventies and back, again…

I started to enjoy it a little bit more again around 2010 and in early 2012 I finally did something I always wanted to do, I bought new great and expensive speakers for my hifi. What a difference, it was like experience good music for the first time again.

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