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I would become a politician if there is a serious reason: Interview with Adrian Vandenberg

Then KISS were support of Whitesnake.  Apparently, it wasn’t easy for them to be just a support – as they were used to a big success in US.  I heard from my tour manager, from our road crew that things were getting rough backstage…  But that’s life – the tables turn. And it happens in everyone’s career.  I mean – Jesus, Metallica was opening for Vandenberg! And now I would be happy to open for them.

Interview with The Quill

We usually say the story of The Quill started “in the 1500s”. It has kind of evolved over the years and gotten more and more serious the older we got. Jolle and Christer started out together in the mid 80´s forming your typical teenage rock band. In the beginning members were changing a lot but in the late 80’s/early 90’s it became more serious with the arrival of vocalist Magnus Ekwall. I joined the band in 1993 and the debut album as The Quill was released on Megarock Records in 1995.

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