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The Diary of Jane – Chapter 11: The magnificent creations

But sometimes my mind just stops at some phrase – like getting stuck and letting your head wander off after hearing a line in a song, like in Beast In Black’s ”Blind and Frozen”, where we have the line ”…as I read those letters you wrote me” –  what letters, what did they say? I will just never know.

The Diary of Jane – Chapter 9: Cover it up

Let’s take ”Tainted Love” as an example here. It was originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964. Soft Cell made it a hit song in 1981, and since then it has also been covered in all kinds of possible and impossible styles – by Scorpions, My Ruin, Coil, Shades Apart, The Living End and so on, and of course my favourite version by Marilyn Manson. A version I absolutely love.

The Diary of Jane – Chapter 8: Everything is connected

With ATSC, btw – the fun thing is, that I first met the entire band at a signing session in Germany – and the lovely singer was the one I got to first. I had my own pen with me (of course, always be prepared!!)(and it was actually needed). And out of the blue, even though we had never met before – she said “we should take you on tour with us” – and well….the year after they actually did.

The Diary of Jane – Chapter 6: Support the bands you love

But yes – going to shows can be really expensive. We have to buy the ticket and pay for the trips if it isn’t nearby, and sometimes get a hotel or stay at a camp site or whatever. Everything costs, that is true.But everything costs for the bands as well, and that is sometimes easy to forget. If we want the bands we love to continue touring, buying their merchandise is a truly good way to making part of that possible. #supportthebandsyoulove

The Diary of Jane – Chapter 3: Songs to live for

There are also those songs and bands I love, that I will never get to experience live. Like ”The show must go on” by Queen. With Freddie Mercury. That song has always been, and will always be, special to me. And I will never get to cry watching them perform it live…

The Diary of Jane – Chapter 1: Thank you for the music

You take me to places I could never dream of going, you bring out the sun on a cloudy day, you trigger the tears when I really need to cry… and you give me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. And some days I just really need the music, other days the lyrics – to bring me comfort, give me power and help me heal.

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