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Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

This fact made me having some expectations on the new album “We Are Not Your Kind” and the whole thing ends up in………I don’t know what to say except that they are far from the 2014 effort, and I’m disappointed.

Aviana – Epicenter

And when the hardest part of reviewing an album is trying to pick out the tracks that really stand out and not really wanting to stop listening, that is when you know it’s pure fucking special.

One Hour Hell – Voidwalker

I really felt the production and the sound has gotten more heavy on this album, which really has a feeling that some of the songs will be amazing to hear live from the band.

Hammerfall – Dominion

I have no problem with “Dominion”, it works okay. I can listen to it and dig the music, and some songs could even become future classics; especially “(We Make) Sweden Rock” is a great anthem, and the title track is nice too. But there are no really massive tracks on this one to really take the album higher

Killswitch Engage – Atonement

In through the studio door enters the mighty Chuck Billy of Testament and delivers the song “The Crownless King”. Here the band  are proving once again that they can handle the heavier part without slipping through the dangerous quicksand of what metalcore is supposed to sound like.

Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: U.D.O.

In classic -80’s metal style we get the individual solo parts and first up is Dee Dammers who delivers a acoustic solo which seamlessly goes in to “In The Darkness”, where Udo stands alone and almost pleads to the thinning crowd: “..please dont leave me alone.. In the darkness!” and it is such a beutiful moment that i almost run down front row to scream out my love for him.

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