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One Desire – Midnight Empire

It’s also one of those albums that grow pretty much each time you listen to it. Starting off with ”nah, this is really not my bag”, leading to ”hey, I can listen to this without getting an allergic rash”, and then ”well, I quite enjoy this” ending at ”I actually like this, it makes me smile, it’s filled of joy – and joy is so very much needed right now”.

Vader – Solitude In Madness

For me, Vader is very much like pizza. I’m rarely not in the mood for it, it’s always quite tasty and even when it’s a bad one, it’s still pretty good. However, it can rarely compete with a lobster or a steak.

Havok – V

A Havok album is now to thrash like a Bob Marley album is to reggae; it abides to the rules of the genre, because if it didn’t it wouldn’t be the genre anymore.

Hellbound – Overlords

Hellbound are no beginners on the metal scene, having released a bunch of albums between them in various other constellations like “Moloken”, “Hate Ammo”, “Scumkill”, “Ghamorean” and “Live Elephant” to name a few.

Naglfar – Cerecloth

It’s very clear that Kristoffer Olivius and his band of brothers know exactly what they’re doing. This really is how the pros do it.

Witchcraft – Black Metal

I really like especially the first three Witchcraft records, so please consider “Black Metal” a one time failed experiment and go back to the old school doom rock instead. That’s what you do best.

Danzig – Sings Elvis

His voice also sounds great, especially considering that he’s 64 years old and singing a collection of songs in which the majority was sung by Elvis in his early twenties.


The starting tracks after the little intro IX sets a good pace. “What the dead men say” and “Catastrophist” gives a flying start to the action. After that we go a bit up and down in tempo, but we don´t lose quality.