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Reece - Resilent Heart

Reece – Resilent Heart

6/10 David Reece is most known as being the singer of Accept on the album “Eat the heat” (1989). Even though the album was not...

Ten - Illuminati

Ten – Illuminati

5/10 This english band has done some really exciting stuff during the years in the vein of melodic hard rock like “Spellbound”, “Stormwarning” and “The...

Nordic Union - Second Coming

Nordic Union – Second Coming

6/10 The second album by Nordic Union, a melodic rock-project centered around Pretty Maids-singer Ronnie Atkins and Eclipse- and W.E.T.-guitarist Erik Mårtensson kind of sounds...

Cancer - Shadow Gripped

Cancer – Shadow Gripped

6/10 Cancer, the band with the, in close competition with pre-Tiamat deathsters ”Treblinka”, most offensive name in the genre, makes another try, their 2005-effort not...

S.K.o.R - Rebus Tellus

S.K.o.R – Rebus Tellus

8/10 S.K.o.R is a quartet that has its origin in Stockholm. S.K.o.R stands for ”Some Kind of Rubus”. Rubus is latin and stands for a...


Haken – Vector

8/10 I’ve been trying to appreciate London’s critically acclaimed progressive metal band Haken ever since these young Englishmen hit the ground running with 2010’s debut...

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