Category: Reviews

Disturbed - Evolution

Disturbed – Evolution

5/10 Disturbed have made another album. Actually, the review could end right here. There is not much more to the story. No really bad tracks...

Axxis - Monster Hero

Axxis – Monster Hero

7/10 Axxis is one of those bands that just makes you happy. Their mixture of melodic rock and power metal has for the last 30...

Smash Into Pieces - Evolver

Smash Into Pieces – Evolver

-2/10 Smash Into Pieces mix “raw rock sound with electro twangs”, according to the press release. With their new album “Evolver”, Dino Medanhodzic & Co...

Steve Perry - Traces

Steve Perry – Traces

9/10 When Steve Perry returns to the studio for the first time since his departure from Journey more than 20 years ago, it’s with a...

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