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Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood

“Get Up” is another track with a small barely noticeable homage to the early Whitesnake. Here you can if you listen well hear “Slow an easy” kind of guitars, it moves on to a cocky little song that is hard to sit still to.

Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest

The album is built around rhythm. Drums, guitars and vocals are the foundations for the album, pianos and various synthesizers are used for decorating it. The latter are used sparingly, thank you very much.

Danko Jones – A rock supreme

The next two songs “We’re crazy” and “Dance Dance Dance” continues in the same manner and makes me think about doing my laundry or watch paint dry instead. But then “Lipstick city” kicks in and I feel my foot tap the beat and my head starts to nod.

Månegarm – Fornaldarsagor

The album starts of with the song “Sveablotet “ which is about old kings in the “Svealand” who clash together through pagan believes  and pre-Christian religion who conspire at each other, the song picks up at good speed and at the chorus it takes us to a part were a sing along should take place in a song.

Leverage – Determinus

A piano and an acoustic guitar kicks off the 7 minute plus opener “Burn Love Burn”. I haven´t heard the band before so it’s an open book in the land of melodic rock for me. However, they haven´t been active for the last ten years so I think I am forgiven.

Enforcer – Zenith

“Zenith” is the bands fifth album, and it takes this maturity one step further, making this a really quite powerful metal album full of energy, melodies, power and variation

Hardline – Life

There might not be that many new classics such as “Hot Cherie” or “Dr. Love” on this one, but there are no weak songs to be seen either.

Maraton – Meta

Filled with catchy melodies, odd time signatures and heavy riffs, the soaring vocals of Fredrik Bergersen Klemp is simply the icing on an already delicious cake. “Meta” is an album for fans of the Muse era that brought us “Origin of Symmetry”, “Absolution” and “Black Holes and Revelations”.

Murg – Strävan

Contributing to the Scandinavian feel is the harsh, well produced lo-fi production that matches the nature of the music perfectly, although it craves a good stereo, or preferably listening through headphones, to be made justice.

Fortune – II

But otherwise, this is a full-fledged sequel that will be played extensively by everyone who likes AOR, maybe somebody else too. It is a strength to be able to write such songs according to me.

Alan Parsons – The Secret

“The Secret” is not only a comeback from a legend, this is a comeback for an entire genre, and on top of that a piece of really, really good music!

Grand Magus – Wolf God

Natural the expectations on their ninth album, ”Wolf God” is set pretty God damn high and this is absolutely one of my most awaited albums coming out this year. The question is, does Grand Magus of 2019 manage to take the high stand once again or will they crumble in the blood soaked mud?To be honest, it starts of a bit weak…


The band originally started in 2014 and the band has drawn great inspiration from Swedish melodic death metal bands for example In Flames, At The Gates, Soilwork and Amon Amarth

Quireboys – Amazing Disgrace

If you’re looking for old school rock music with a bar room piano, whiskey voice, a rock guitar and swinging rhythms, Quireboys will always give you a bit of what you fancy.

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