Stargazed Magazine Chart week 2

Stargazed Magazine Chart week 2

My name is Johan and I’m the Editor for Stargazed Magazine. My interest for hard rock and heavy metal was formed in 1983 when Kiss released the album ”Lick It Up”. A few years later I started my own chart that includes hard and heavy music. This chart is still on the go and I want my readers to affect. It is not only new music, it would appear old and new music in a mixture that I hope you will like.

Every monday there will be a current chart that you can affect by sending me a mail to the adress or use the form below. Every week there is a top ten + five songs that challenge the top ten. Of those songs you pick out your eight favourite songs. And after that you rank them. I want you to give your absolute favourite eight points, the second best seven points and so on down to one point.

When you’re done you send me your votes in a mail and you have plenty of time because deadline is sundays at 21:00 CET.

This is the Stargazed Magazine chart for week 2 2019:

  1. Savatage- Sirens (6)(4 weeks)
  2. Accept- Die By The Sword (1)(13 weeks)
  3. M.S.G.- Desert Song (5)(4 weeks)
  4. Masterplan- Spirit Never Die (New)
  5. Metal Church- Out Of Balance (New)
  6. Tengger Cavalry- Cavalry In Thousands (8)(13 weeks)
  7. Four Stroke Baron- A Matter Of Seconds (New)
  8. Powerwolf- Demons Are A Girls Best Friend (4)(4 weeks)
  9. Follow The Cipher- Starlight (2)(3 weeks)
  10. Leprous- The Cloak (7)(5 weeks)
  11. Eyes Wide Open- New World Order (Challenger)
  12. Mollo/Martin- Still In Love With You (Challenger)
  13. Blazon Stone- Down In The Dark (Challenger)
  14. Faith No More- Be Aggressive (Challenger)
  15. The Devil’s Blood- Die The Death (Challenger)


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Johan Hagberg
Authored by: Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer