Every tuesday I present a new chart here at Stargazed Magazine. It’s you who decide the next week chart by sending me your votes. You find new music as well as old music on this chart so please take a little time and be a part of this.

My name is Johan and I’m the Editor for Stargazed Magazine. My interest for hard rock and heavy metal was formed in 1983 when Kiss released the album ”Lick It Up”. A few years later I started my own chart that includes hard and heavy music. This chart is still on the go and I want my readers to affect. It is not only new music, it would appear old and new music in a mixture that I hope you will like.

Every tuesday there will be a current chart that you can affect by sending me a mail to the adress johan@stargazed.net or use the form below. Every week there is a top ten + five songs that challenge the top ten. Of those songs you pick out your eight favourite songs. And after that you rank them. I want you to give your absolute favourite eight points, the second best seven points and so on down to one point.

When you’re done you send me your votes in a mail and you have plenty of time because deadline is sundays at 21:00 CET.

This is the Stargazed Magazine chart for week 40 2019:

  1. Ghost- Pro Memoria (2)(2 weeks)
  2. Beast In Black- Blind And Frozen (3)(2 weeks)
  3. Judas Priest- Rising From Ruins (1)(18 weeks)
  4. Skid Row- Firesign (New)
  5. Tad Morose- Another Time Around (New)
  6. Kissin’ Dynamite- You’re Not Alone (4)(10 weeks)
  7. Stryper- God Damn Evil (New)
  8. Cinderella- Make Your Own Way (10)(3 weeks)
  9. Evile- The Naked Sun (New)
  10. Apocalypse Orchestra- The Garden Of Earthly Delights (5)(5 weeks)
  11. Sabaton- Wolfpack (Challenger)
  12. Robert Plant- House Of Cards (Challenger)
  13. Nightwish- My Walden (Challenger)
  14. Majestica- Above The Sky (Challenger)
  15. Deep Purple- Time For Bedlam (Challenger)
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