At the upcoming Sabaton Open Air my band NERVED is supposed to be playing after doom legends Candlemass and just before Sweden’s currently biggest metal act Sabaton? How the F did we end up in that slot? Honestly, I don’t know.

I remember last year when I got the message that there was an opening for us at the festival here in my hometown. I thought “great”…I really couldn’t believe that was true. NERVED had not done one gig in a decade so this was great news. And we were just about to release or album “Leave It All Behind” – things could not be better. The slot was “probably on Friday” was the message I got. They had to finish all other bookings first before they could let us know the exact slot.

And then it came. Krister, mr Sabaton Open Air himself, called me up.
– 21:15 on Saturday.
– But that’s just before Sabaton?
– Correct.
– …
– Got any issues with that?
– No issues…but many concerns.
– That’s not my concern. Can you do it?
– …sure!

So, there it is and that’s that. I was just as surprised as the rest of the band (and probably everybody else). It is an amazing slot and of course an great honor. We will give it our best (which is quite a lot) and it will be so much fun!