As I am writing this I still haven’t had the time to rip off the wristband from the now historical show at Wacken together with my beloved brothers in Sabaton. I came home early in the morning and today has been a dizzy walk through the aftermath. Having said that I am trying to figure out how the hell I can be so fortunate. How can I be so lucky to have all these wonderful people around me? It’s been three years since I left the band, yet it feels like I never was away. Time flies, I recall I said in one of my previous chronicles, but it’s really relative. It’s a subjective thing depending on the situation.

Nevertheless, this August I am heading into my fifth decade on planet earth, so there it is applicable I guess.

What I’ve learned so far while being here on Tellus for a short while, as a child in time, is that what makes your life worth living is the love and friendship to and from the living creatures around you. It might sound cliché and simple, but it is so true in my book. What deeds and words will people remember once we are gone, what deeds and words will forever echo after it is all over? What do you want it to be?

Reflecting over this I come to think of my grandfather Sivert who passed away just a couple of weeks ago. The memories of this very special man will forever live within me. He was a man of truth, with high morals and a strong genuine care for others. Humor and warmth always surrounded him and as a kid he was my superman. His morals have always guided me and will forever be a part of who I am.

My dear friend Hulkoff managed to put words on the feelings I am describing above in the song “En Hjältes Väg” with the line “Med blod står det skrivet att dåden i livet blir andens slutgiltiga dom”.

Until next time,

Yours truly

Thobbe Englund