I love You. Revisited. Why?

The recently released single I Love You, featuring Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), is also called ”revisited”, as you might have noticed. Why? Well, those of you that have followed Nerved through out the years knows that the song was also on our former album ”Finally Nerved”. But I wasn’t satisfied with that version. It deserved better. So when the new line-up of Nerved materialized I could not resist propose to do it again. Luckily the restt thought it was a great idea. As well as the record company. 

We went though a lot of names of guest singers to duet with Petra. It was not that easy to find a match. Quit a few tried, but Jakob was the one who made it. Only he had both the power as well as the grit, timing and pitch to match Petra. I must say it worked out very nice with Jakob. He is a true professional and also very nice as a person. The combination is quite rare, you know.

A fun fact (at least for nerds) is that the recording session for [revisited] is based on the very first one, when the song still was just a soundtrack to a TV commercial for Save The Children. I am very happy it was possible to use it. Some of the samplings (the cloaking for example) as well as blippety-blopp sound and the sky-rising guitar in the beginning , would have been more or less impossible to re-create. And at the same time those sounds sets the mood for the whole song in a very specific way.

We enjoyed doing it. I hope you enjoy to listen to it.

Marcus Hanser

Marcus Hanser


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