I’m writing a book.
My infinite entanglement trilogy started five years ago. It was time to start writing my next studio album but I didn’t have any solid ideas for songs or lyrics. What I did have was some parts of a short story that I had been writing when I should have been doing the sleeve notes for my Soundtracks of my Life album. As I listened to some musical ideas that writing partner Michelle had ready I felt a bit lost. Then I started looking at the notes and things I had written for my short story. It was a science fiction idea about leaving earth to find a new world to inhabit. But my story was not altruistic. Its a sci-fi story of a man who seeks redemption and goes on a mission lasting a thousand years across space. But he does not know it’s a private mission funded by billionaires and he is only a caretaker of the space ship. He is never meant to reach the new world that is only for the new genetically perfect humans that are in stasis on board the ship.
The words of my story and the rough notes I had made started to make sense with the musical ideas and the first songs started to come and soon it turned into an idea for a concept album. Then it became clear that it had to be 3 albums telling one story. So the infinite entanglement trilogy was born.
Now it is complete. We wrote and recorded 3 albums in 3 years and toured with each one. Now we are on the Tour of the Eagle Spirit which is the fourth and final tour to go with the concept. I set out with idea of 32 songs. On this tour we are playing many of the big songs we just couldn’t seem to fit in to the last 3 tours.
The lyrics on the album go much further than the few chapters and notes I had for my original book idea. It reaches the end. So now I have to finish writing my book to fill in all the details and back story that could not fit into the 3 albums.  Now between tour dates and festivals and riding my motorcycle I have to finish writing my book. Here is the point of my chronicle this month.
I told someone I was writing a book and they said
 “have you ever written a book before?”
“No.” I said.
“What makes you think you can write a book?” They said.
“What makes you think I can’t ?” I said.
I just started doing something because I really wanted to do it.
This time it was writing a book and it has turned into the greatest musical achievement of my life. I never expected or planned that. I’m not special or important or more talented than anybody else but I’m not going to let anyone tell me what I can’t do. So dear reader, when you have an idea and feel passionate about it, don’t let those people infect you with the virus of their negativity. Whatever it is just, have a go. You never know what great things that you never expected could come.
I’m writing a book.