In this day and age of Corona questions are many, answers are few. I’m not gonna rant about what I think is right or wrong in the case of Sweden, I’ve done that enough on Facebook already. So let’s talk about hope instead. A hope for a brighter future. Let’s focus on whatever positive side there could be to all this chaos. If all the planets and stars are aligned perfectly, of course.

What I am hoping for after all the dust has settled from our torpedoed economies is for a brighter future to appear where we learn to value time more than material things. We all know that our way of living is completely unsustainable anyway and that there must be a change for the sake of our children. Mainly because of the acute resource issue in my humble opinion.


During The Great Lockdown many of us have slowed down a bit. We’ve had more time at hand. Time to hopefully reflect on what’s really important in life. Many of us also had this Covid demon haunting us, spawned out of anxiety, fear, questions about the future, life and death etc.
Let’s face it, predictions are hard to make, especially about the future, but I really hope that we will use this crisis to focus on the more spiritual values, which in turn could make way for a slower economy where we don’t want to spend more time at work than at home just to be able to buy all those things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.

We could stall the extraction pace predicament facing us now at peak oil by learning to live on less, and to fill back that black hole in our soul we used to fill with a new tv-set, a new car or a remodeled kitchen – with time. Time with our loved ones, time to create music and art, time to read a book, time to look up to the sky and say thank you for letting me walk the earth and be a part of universe.

Think about this for a second:

When you go to work and you get paid by the hour, the company or whatever employer you have put a price on your spare time to get you to accept leaving your house to help their business. That’s basically what it is. If you have a high education your spare time is valued at a higher price because you’ve invested so much of it to get to that higher level. So it all boils down to the most valuable currency of them all – time. And contrary to our central banks’ limitless printing of currency, time is highly limited.

Value the time at you hands like the most precious asset, for it’s only YOU who know how and where to spend it best.

This spring I have been so greatful for all that I have, I have asked Odin for guidance and protection of my family, and I know that there is a better way of living than the current.

Until next time.
Yours sincerely,