I grew up in a little place called Grängesberg in Sweden and like most of the other young boys I played soccer. The chronicle for this month here on Stargazed Magazine is about Mötley Crüe and it all started out in a bus, an old one, on the way to a soccer game. This was 1984 I think because Mötley Crüe had released the album “Shout At The Devil” in september 1983. I remember it was spring and a beautiful day when we took the bus to go to Borlänge (it could have been Falun but it really doesn’t matter) and play some soccer. One of the guys in the team put in a tape in the tape recorder and this was for me one of these moments that I’ll never forget. The intro of the album “In The Beginning” started and when it go over in the title track “Shout At The Devil” I wonder what the hell is this? The answer was a band from Los Angeles, California with a hell of an attitude and good songs as well. Around this time I was listening to Kiss and later in 1984 W.A.S.P. released their first album with some fine songs as well, but for me Mötley Crüe and “Shout At The Devil” was a huge milestone in my music listening and future interest for hard rock and heavy metal music.

Songs like “Looks That Kill”, “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Red Hot” is still three of my favourites with the band and the album also contained “Bastard” and “Danger”. I can’t remember the score in the soccer game but I remember that when I get back home I started to look for more music from Mötley Crüe. One of my best friends in school had their debut album “Too Fast For Love” and he was kind enough to record it on a tape for me. This  was also a totally blast and even if it wasn’t as good as “Shout At The Devil” it was a great record with great songs like “Piece Of Your Action”, “Starry Eyes”, “On With The Show” and “Live Wire”. It was rough and it was dirty and the production was pretty bad but believe me it didn’t matter at all, It was Mötley “Fuckin” Crüe for gods sake.

At this time I started to listen to hard rock and metal music and bands like Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Y&T and Judas Priest came into my life. For me it was an ocean of music to discover and for my parents it was the start of hell (maybe I’m exaggerating a little) and they had no choice when the music sounded from my room every day after school. Mötley Crüe was about to release their third album in 1985 and I was looking forward to that but on the 8th of december of 1984 Vince Neil was drunk and lost control of his car, hit another vehicle and killed Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley who was riding in Vinces car. “Razzle” was the drummer of the finnish glam rock band Hanoi Rocks and they didn’t fully recover this tragic accident as  a band. Mötley Crüe though went on and did release the album “Theatre Of Pain” in 1985 but for me it was a great disappointment, only two songs was good enough and that was “Home Sweet Home” and “Use It Or Lose It”. These songs are the only two songs from “Theatre Of Pain” that’s good enough to have ended up on the two first albums.

The disappoinment over the “Theatre Of Pain” album made my expectations of the next album “Girls Girls Girls” kind of low. It turned out to be a better album and I thought it was great that Mötley Crüe was back with an album with good songs along with great songs. I’ve loved “Wild Side” from the first time I heard it and along with the title track I can also mention “You’re All I Need”, “All In The Name Of…” and the cover of Elvis Presleys “Jailhouse Rock” which is one of the best covers I’ve heard. At this time I was 16 years old and I wanted to see the band live. I order tickets to their show in Stockholm in early 1988 but it was cancelled because Nikki Sixx had been taking an overdose. Instead of Mötley Crüe I was able to see Def Leppard and it was my first big concert and it was a great show. The first time I saw Mötley Crüe was about eighteen months later and it was better than Def Leppard and still it is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Before that show Mötley Crüe came back on record with “Dr.Feelgood” and the band was back for real and they reached number one on the American Billboard chart. The album was equal I think if I compared it with “Girls Girls Girls” and stand out tracks on the album was “Kickstart My Heart”, “Same Ol’ Situation” and “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”. If the album was equal to the album before the show in Stockholm the 28th of october was something really extra. Just the feeling that I was going to see Mötley Crüe was awesome  and belive me when I say that they delivered. The word that Vince used most frequently was fuck and the music stood out big time. I got the chance to see my old favourites, like “Red Hot”, Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Looks That Kill”, live and they also surprised us with songs like “Rattlesnake Shake” and “She Goes Down”. It was a great night.

After releasing “Decade of Decadence” the band disappered and they came back in 1994 with a new singer and the best music they ever made. For me the album “Motley Crue” came perfectly in my time of life and I really love that album. John Corabi is doing a great job as a singer and the songs is not the Mötley Crüe style of songs that we were used to hear. They were better. People asks me which my favourite Crüe album is and I don’t hesitate when I say the album they released back in 1994 with John Corabi. Then people says “that’s not Mötley Crüe” and I always says that’s definitely Mötley Crüe but with a different singer. The “real” singer was back in 1997 and they released a pretty awful album and after that my relationship with Mötley Crüe was over. But thank god that they released that album back in 94. Song after song is great on that album and if I’m forced to mention a few favourites it will be “Hooligans Holiday”, “Hammered”, “Poison Apples”, “Uncle Jack” and and and……

This is my feelings about Mötley Crüe and I’ve seen them three more times live and its been good but not magic as it was in october 1989. Who knows, maybe I get back n the future with my thoughts of another band out there. Until that day comes I will continue listen to music and I will always be grateful to the guy (I believe his name is Ronnie) who played the “Shout At The Devil” tape in the bus 35 years ago.