Noodles are good

Noodles are good

Without any evidence at all.
I do have the feeling that hard rockers are the (sorry to all hamsters) greatest collectors in the universe.

It can be anything from a miss-pressed Maxi-single with the Ukranian demoband XYLiMorPh, where the cover is printed in Honduras, which has a L that look like a B, to color changes on the label of the LP “Kill em All” (Metallica) from Megaforce Records. And of course, the true hardcore collector just GOTTA have all the fiftyeight different variations of the disc. 
It can (and will) cost you a relationship, grandmother’s inheritance, or the hardly earned monthly salary from the mine.

I know, I myself have been there …
Not in the vicinity of the elite series in the collectors community, but well as a top team in division two perhaps.

I had Kiss, Helloween and Blind Guardian as my items. And, in the case of Kiss, it was virtually impossible to approach the top, since I can not afford an original Kiss-pinball machine, or even a gem from Gene Simmon’s classic monster platform boots. However, in my earlier days, I have sniffed the far corners of the web, to get my part of obscure Japan presses, grainy VHS copies and cool picture discs. But as in many other cases, life comes in between, and diapers have to be bought, car loans must be paid and balconies be built.
So I gave up.

But I had so much fun in the meantime. It’s not something I want to have undone by any means.
The feeling is magical. To get a Dutch LP press in the mail, feel and caress the wrapped cover carefully, and then put the beauty (bought for a quarterly monthly salary) in the shelf. Only to be displayed at parties, when you feel like boasting for your friends.

So all of you that think about to start collecting, and do not mind chewing noodles for three weeks in a row. Go for it!

/ Sungen

Authored by: Sungen