Only the brave

Let’s make this clear from start. I don’t care much for nostalgia. Sure, many songs by The Beatles, Deep Purple and Rainbow still gives me goosebumps. But I prefer new stuff. So, if you wanna read about forgotten B-sides by Anvil or unpublished demos by Saxon, you probably should stop reading right here. My boat floats on new hard metal streams and soft French electronica currents. And even though I love vinyl albums – I prefer playlists. On Apple Music.

So what’s newsworthy? Well even though I love to hear Phil Rudd’s hi-hat again, I am not sure why AC/DC even bothered to pull a new album together? “Shot in the Dark” is not the best single track released by these legends. And even more disappointing is to hear my old favorites in the Deftones quite missing the target (and the mix) with their new album “Ohms”. I can barely hear Abe Cunningham behind the kit and the songs are just copies from what they have done earlier. It has been said that Stephen Carpenter uses a nine string guitar on the album. So what? Does that give him 9/10 of the mix as well? Something tells me the spliffs were just made too big this time.

So what am I aiming at? Well, the point I am trying to make is that to reinvent yourself as an artist/band is one of the hardest things. It takes guts and creativivty – both of them are exhausting. And if there’s anyone with guts these days, it has to be Bring Me the Horizon. After the crazy genre mixture on “amo” (which I really enjoyed) and the electronic madness “Music to listen…” they make me go WTF with the singles from the coming “Post Human: Survival Horror”.  “Dear Diary”, “Ludens” and “Kingslayer” ft Babymetal are just a few examples. The hits are already lining up! Just when I was about to give up hard music, they brought me euphoria again. And the way they stir things up! That is bravery.

Talking about bravery, Sevendust’s cover of “the Day I Tried to Live” has to be one of the boldest cover in a long time. You don’t walk into this masterpiece without knowing what you’re doing. It’s nothing new about it really, they haven’t rearranged it. But they do it full out, which is an accomplishment in itself. A magic song from my favorite Soundgarden album. Thank you guys!

Finally, in the never ending flow of Zeppelin wannabees…there is but one derivate worth listening to this time – “Wild Child” by the Struts & Tom Morello. There is some bravery in that one as well, enough to cover up the rotten taste of nostalgia.

One more thing. Rammstein have announced their return to the studio – which is surprising. I really thought their self-titled album would be their last and by that they would have done an excellent farewell – crowned by the greatest live show ever. It would have been a good thing…now the expectations turns to enormous proportions. Will they be up to it? Will they be brave enough, as they have everything to lose? I truly hope so.

Marcus Hanser

Only the brave

November 3, 2020

It's nothing new about it really, they haven't rearranged it. But they do it full out, which is an accomplishment in itself. A magic song from my favorite Soundgarden album. Thank you guys!

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