Photo: George Griogoriadis

Bumping into Chris Broderick was surreal- An interview with Xion


L.A.N.D. Old rock in new suite: interview with Lasse Gidbo.

Video Thumbnail: DORO - Children Of The Dawn (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Doro is back ready to conquer – interview with Doro Pesch


Power metal winds of change. Or Tempest. A conversation with LANCER.


To Doom Or not To Doom? No, let us talk in Solitude instead.


Black & Gold is the way forward for Thundermother

Out Of This World

We have to understand that it will not go back to what we were used to: interview with Kee Marcello


In my world, the guitar solo is where the guitarists personality is shown. – Interview with Christian Carlsson of The Quill

Saxon 2

I think that we are still making good albums: interview with Saxons vocalist Biff Byford


Music as treatment for illness? Power metal unit New Horizon is the cure: interview with Erik and Jona


“There is a lot of music and lyrics on our 22 albums”: interview with Magnums Tony Clarkin


Origins, bassic changes and “By royal decree” – an interview with Roine Stolt


I’m too damn old to be jealous about anything. – an interview with Jonny Hedlund of Unleashed


Todd Talking 4: Someone just shouts, “Press Record!!” And off you go.

Jeff Scott Soto_7x10_Purple_Bkgrd_8038-3

Unless I’m doing it with Yngwie I really dont have any interest in doing it – An interview with Jeff Scott Soto

HFMC Promotion

Spellbound, Solid Blue, The Flower Kings,  Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion – an interview with Hasse Fröberg