Bandbond – Free for bands – Free for fans

Bandbond? What’s that? The answer is a new App that will help musicians and fans around the metal world to connect and create a bond between each other. The two guys behind this is Mattias Lindeblad who is a swedish rock journalist and Martin Brändström who is known for being the keyboard player in Dark Tranquillity.

I gave Martin a call and instead of making this an interview in the old fashioned way I asked Martin to sell in ”Bandbond” as a trademark.

-First of all it’s made of frustation from not getting out properly. One of my missions as a member of Dark Tranquillity is to handle the social media for the band. And I noticed when it come to Facebook that we didn’t reached out to our fans. We have 450,000 followers on Facebook and when we write something we’re only reaching a few percent of our followers. To reach out to everyone it costs money and that’s not fair because we’re not interested in advertising on Facebook, and the amount is the same as an advertise.

We have tried so many things over the years. For example we had a forum on our website when Facebook came and we thought at that time that Facebook was the new way to get closer to our fans. Now it’s time to move on though.

Bandbond is a different thing comparing to Facebook and other social media that’s out there. In Bandbond we collect all posts and everything will be there. You will be able to follow members of the bands in a new way, there will be articles and the content will be much deeper. This is simply a new place for metal bands and metal fans to meet. We are a team behind this and it’s me, Mattias and some programmers. The idea for Bandbond came from one of my studio colleague.

Do you have hopes that even the big elephants like Metallica and Iron Maiden will use Bandbond to reach out?

-I hope so, it would be an even deeper interest for Bandbond if the big bands join as well. Back in the days the bands were selling records and they had a record company which distributed the music. These days it isn’t practically possible because it’s a completely different landscape out there. It is not enough to play and write your music anymore, you need something more, you need to be an entrepreneur and I think Sabaton is a great example of a band that have build their trademark over their career.

You have to go wider and all bands are using social media these days but you need to go even further to reach out to all people that you want. Bandbond is the answer to that I think. It’s free for bands and it’s free for fans. You can in a more thorough way read about your favorite bands and you can also discover new bands, see tour calenders, read interviews and much much more.

Martin Brändström

This sounds exciting……really. If we talk a little bit about Dark Tranquility. What are you doing right now?

-Right now we’re in the studio recording our new album. We have cancelled 60 shows so far and we think that we can record the new album instead. There are restrictions all over the world when it comes to the Corona virus and for us we are isolated in the studio. We are recording it in a studio in Gothenburg where I am a part-owner. The studio was used by Nationalteatern and Björnn Afzelius back in the days so you can say that it’s a classic field.

We have written the album in the studio over the last year and we’re about half way into the recording right now. If it works out the way we want it we will be finished at the end of june. Right now we are trying to make the songs as good as possible.

You were one of the bands which was booked for this years Sabaton Open Air. That festival is cancelled but will you play in Falun next year?

-Yes we will. It’s really sad that the festival have to cancel but we have accepted to play the Sabaton Open Air festival in 2021 instead.

That sounds great. I can tell you right now that I’m going to borrow your singer Mikael Stanne and talk about Rush when we hit august 2021.

-Believe me when I say that you’re going to have a great deal to talk about.

I think so to. Thank you Martin for this little chat and good luck in the future with Dark Tranquillity and the Bandbond app.

-Thank you. See you in Falun next year.

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Bandbond – Free for bands – Free for fans

May 29, 2020

Bandbond is a different thing comparing to Facebook and other social media that’s out there. In Bandbond we collect all posts and everything will be there.

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