Nerved is a band from Stockholm and Dalecarlia in Sweden. The founder Marcus Hanser (guitar) started the band back in 1999 along with Björn Lundberg. Since 1999 the band have released three albums and the most recent one, called ”Leave It All Behind”, came out last year. Nerved were playing the Sabaton Open Air in Falun this year and I got the chance to talk to the band a few hours before their show.

First of all I wanna know what connects you to Sabaton?

-It was actually most from my side, Marcus says. Me and Krister Lindholm was working at the same office. Jocke and Pär came up to us quite often because there was always some kind of alcohol there. And after that one led to the other, so here we are august 2019.

Please tell me little about the history of Nerved?

-Well it’s Marcus band, Elias Modig says, even if I have been a member in the band from the beginning and I’m totally honest to Marcus when I speak my opinion about Nerved. It started as a Deep Purple influenced band in the late 90’s and we have released two albums with another composition of members.

In 2009 I was told by Universal, Marcus says, that they wanted us to do another record and it took some time. Our singer Petra Kvännå joined the band 2010 and she was recommended by my ex-wife and I didn’t think that Petra would accept, but as a big surprise she said yes.

On your latest album ”Leave It All Behind” you have a cover of Leila K’s ”Electric”. Why did you choose that song to make a cover of?

-It’s a great song to begin with and the song is hard rock from the very beginning.

-I played with Max Martin in the band It’s Alive, Jocke Björkegren (guitar) says. Max was one of the songwriters and to be honest Leila K is a rock star, one of the few we have in Sweden. Both Max and she are great personalities.

It took ten years between the second and the third album. Why so long time between the records?

-It took unnecessarily long time and we are working with other projects as well, which means that we didn’t had a deadline when the album was going to be released. We didn’t play together at all and everyone in the band first met when we were doing the photoshoot for ”Leave It All Behind”.

-Despite that we were working with the Nerved album from different locations we knew after a while that the album was going to be a pretty good one, we had a really really good product to present for the record company. Another reason for the long time is that Marcus is very meticulous when it comes to his music.

Are there any plans for a new record?

-Right now we have three songs we want to visualize and ideas for new songs pop up in a much faster way than before, so believe me when I say that we will have a new album out before it’s gone ten years, Marcus says.

-The creativity is starting to flow and this time we are listening at each other. We are a band right now.

What’s your thoughts of playing right before Sabaton at their own festival?

-First of all it’s a great honour and it’s going to be very special to open for the band that’s currently are at the number one spot in Sweden when it comes to selling records. It’s going to be real fun and a great challenge for us in Nerved.

If we talk influences I wanna know what music did inspired you?

-Everything I think, Marcus says. We are influenced from black soul, Black Sabbath, french pop and german industrial music.

-Do you as a musician listening to a lot  of music?

-I’m seeking new impulses all the time to mix up the music I’ve heard and hear inside of me. The playlists from Apple Music are always exciting and to review records for Stargazed Magazine make me constantly exposed for new Metal. So far 2019 has been a fantastic year for hard rock and heavy metal. Very creative initiatives from many I think.

When you’re on that stage do you hear the faults and mistakes that’s being made?

-Yes, especially your own mistakes, and in NERVED it’s very easy to hear your own mistakes. There is no automatic sequences and very few parts that you can slip through. Our songs are actually very simple and they are build on unison accuracy. Every part should sit and that gives Petra the power she needs to get everything on that stage.

If we ends with a question to all the guys in the band I wonder what your favourite song of all time are?

-My favourite song is ”Hole In The Sky” with Black Sabbath the guitar player Jocke Björkegren says.

-I (Elias Modig, bass) have to say ”Into The Void” with Black Sabbath.

-It’s almost impossible to answer that question guitar player Marcus Hanser says but if I choose one right now it would be ”Kill The King” with Rainbow.

At last the drummer Joacim Brunnberg comes with perhaps a odd song.

-I have to say ”There She Goes” with the rock band The La’s from Liverpool, England.