Bumping into Chris Broderick was surreal- An interview with Xion



I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Xion and spoke about everything from meeting idols to Poker games and what the future might bring

You´re a new and up and coming band and not that easy to find things to ask about, but I did find some interesting things, “themaloikrockblog.se” wrote about your gig at Gefle Metal festival:
Vocalist Robin Björk ran around the stage, sang quickly, on notes and sometimes in falsetto. Sometimes I got the impression that he behaves like a fan himself and he wants to deliver. The band was clearly an energy booster and the audience loved them.

-Great to hear! That was very nice to hear, but I think that is what our music is all about. We want to show the audience that we enjoy what we do and give it all on stage and radiate the music and how we express ourselves through our instruments.

 Influences: Megadeth, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, and Judas Priest are namedropped here and there. For me as a listener Zeppelin were the odd man out here.

-For us it’s no big deal. You must have them in there somewhere. They are the Godfathers. Led Zeppelin is a band everyone in the band can agree on that they are brilliant.

Getting 9/10 in Sweden Rock Magazine for the upcoming album. Describe that feeling
-Yeah! That was awesome and unexpected, quite a big thing coming from them. So it was cool!

Then great reviews from Metal Hammer too. How did that feel? Big international metal/rock magazine.

-It gives us more boost and a confirmation of what we do is appreciated. We do this for the joy of music and it pushes us to be better.

The story behind the band?

-The name means nothing. We just came up with it. Google it and you will only find strange characters. The band was formed 6 years ago playing Metallica covers, but from 2021 it became more serious and we started writing our own songs and try figure out what to do.
The lyrics are up to the listeners to find out for themselves what they are about. Today we just write lyrics that actually just don´t mean anything. We need to improving  there. There is a charm about people getting its own perceptions of the songs though in case someone today would ask what the songs are about –you´d sit there for hours try to explain, without getting anywhere near any answer is not very good.
There are some songs that got characters and meanings behind them, like “Man who play god” has a meaning- which we found out after it was written.

Last summer you were handpicked to play at Dalhalla Brinner with In Flames, Hypocrisy and Horndal. How did that feel?

-We still cannot believe it because it’s such a sick thing to have done. Dream come true. Actually, one year earlier someone asked what our dream place was to play live and we mentioned Dalhalla. It’s such a cool place, cool environment, cool stage and cool bands we played with.

Not only was it a dream come true, but we did also get to meet some of our idols. As a Megadeth fan bumping into Chris Broderick was surreal and  watching Anders Fridén wearing our shirt onstage was so cool.

A completely different – non-musical question.
I read somewhere (press kit maybe) that you guys are good poker players. Who is the champ of the band?

-That depend on how sober we are and if it’s about money. But we are dead serious about this. Perfect pastime activity waiting for soundcheck or getting up on stage.

You don´t have a chart or something like that for whom is the best player in the band?

-There you have it!. A great idea. After every game of poker, you put up like a scoreboard to see who´s actually the best poker player in the band.

Imagine DalarnaWhat is that?

-It´s a meeting place for musicians between 13 and 21. You connect with musicians, organizers. It’s a chance to show people who we are. A competition at the same time where there is a chance go to Imagine music Experience – those are connected to each other. We were lucky enough to win in Dalarna, then the Swedish final and off to Bruxelles Belgium and the International final.
There in Belgium there were different workshops with great musicians, educators and such . What they lecture there were great, you get to learn a lot about the industry. tips and ideas. “NAMM LA”:s little brother (the industrys largest stage), uniting the global music, audio and entertaniment technology communities.

I also picked up that someone wrote:
Wide-legged on the shoulders of giants soon one of the great. I for one think about a band like Orbit Culture reading that. They have climbed the ladder quite fast this past year.

-It doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode like that for us. More like it’s going on a slow pace onwards. It all depends on how others think about the music and so on. Hard to say. We are all still young and in a learning process about the industry. If it was to explode in that way we need to be on our toes. Still that learning process and learning along the way.

And with that I wrap up te interview by wishing the boys good luck

They have 2 releaseparties coming up in January in Sweden




See you guys in Falun on the 19th of January. Good luck in the future

Thank you Pelle Andersson at dalapop for putting up this interview. Thank you Xion for a nice chat. The album is out January 19th on dalapop.

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Bumping into Chris Broderick was surreal- An interview with Xion

January 19, 2024

There are some songs that got characters and meanings behind them, like “Man who play god” has a meaning- which we found out after it was written.

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