Sepultura is back with a new album called “Quadra”. I got a chance talking to the bass player Paolo Jr.

As the longest serving member. Do you have the final say in things concerning the band?

-Not really, we are a democracy as you said and we all have our parts to play in the band, even me as the oldest guy.

You´re one of very few bands that never really broke up.

-Yeah, we still have the fire to continue. Even more so with the latest additions to the band.

As a band who´s been in the forefront of thrash. Do you follow the thrash scene today?

-No not really. There are too many bands nowadays. Every day someone comes up to me and say you got to listen to this and that. Now with all the modern platforms there is too many bands and so little time. When we´re on festivals I try to go see new/younger bands, but I can´t say that I am up to date with the scene.

Andreas said in an interview that you play “Thrash for a fucked up Age”.

-He said it in a sarcastic way I think. We approach our 50s now so we need less notes not more notes when we play. But you know Eloy (Casagande, drummer since 2011) is like 20 years younger than the rest of us. But we try to stay healthy, that is the most important thing.

Another thing Andreas said in the same interview (I think it was) was “Respect The Past-Be Present. As a band who´s been around since mid 80s trying to create a setlist for example must be a nightmare?

-Yes. We have had such a long career. And everybody got their own favorite songs that they want us to play and you have to respect the audience and their wishes too. We try to rotate as much as possible.

About the new album. What is so special about Quadra / the number 4?

-It is kind of set of rules you have to follow. Define yourself and respect the lines. Imagine it’s like a tennis court. Use it in your environment. As a Brazilian I have my way of living and so, and you as a Swede you have your way and tradition.
Mutual respect for humans.

Ever since “Roots” you have honored your heritage right?

-In a way. The four sides of this album represent what our inspiration is coming from.

On a Personal note, you received something called Medalha da inconfidentia. What was that?

-It was kind of getting the key to your town. It was to honor me for bringing the name of our home state to the world.

You once said that it is hard to do studio time compared to the live situation. Has it becoming easier now?

-Not really. I am more of a live artist. Even after all those years I have hard time doing records. But we never invited fans to the studio to “ease the pain”.

People sometimes say that Robert is the “new guy ”in Metallica and so on. Is Derrick still the “new guy” in Sepultura?

-No Eloy has gotten that name nowadays.

Now that the record is soon to be released. Do you know if there is a Swedish date on the horizon?

-No, but I think we do Denmark and Norway. I would love to do Sweden rock festival again. Then we haven´t been to Sweden in a long time so It is time. (According to they played Sabaton Open Air in 2018 and over all they´ve been here 4 times in the last five years).

Check our website for info on upcoming tours.

Finally: Can you name three albums that is more important to you?

-Oh damn, That is a good question. It is very hard (here he try to come up with some sort of list, takes a while for him)
Moving Pictures by Rush
Killers by Iron Maiden
Master of Puppets by Metallica
With that I thank Paolo for his time and hope to see the band this summer in Sweden.